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16-01-2018 11:17
Yo' ... It's beginning to look like I have hired another lazy ass moderator?... That best not be the case!! Frown

12-01-2018 12:30
Yo' Citizens, I will have a couple of "new tools" and some interesting news to share with you today! I will have it all up for you shortly. Cool

01-01-2018 15:56
Yo' Citizens, Happy New Year! Grin

24-12-2017 13:40
Yo' Citizens, Merry Christmas Eve! Grin

16-12-2017 18:54
Currently creating your holiday specials! New holiday membership specials coming to you within the hour! Grin

Welcome Citizens

Welcome to, Citizens First Cyber Security Professionals.

The Individual Citizen Specific, Cyber Security Investigative Services Firm. Cyber Security Web Forum and Educational Cyber Security Dojo.

Geared strictly to helping Individual Citizens and Small Businesses! Address unwanted cyber security intrusions and hacking incidents!

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For John my budtender, Free and Open Source Learning for Cyber Security, IT and more. #Cybrary
Yo' Greetings Citizens,

For John my budtender, Free and Open Source Learning for Cyber Security, IT and more. #Cybrary

So my buddy John and I were talking about what I do for a living. Needless to say my career choice is a definite conversation starter.
He wanted a little more 411 on how he could upgrade his skill ste a little bit more. So I promised him this little bit of information(411) on him, and to let me know what he thought , the next time I came down to the dispensary. So...

We here at Citizens first cyber security professionals, We are citizens of the web. Who just happen to Specialize in Cyber Security!

We are a community of Information Technology Experts, Computer Scientist, Network Security Engineers, Computer Programmers, of many types and languages(programming), Web Application Developers, Security Analyst, Network and Database Administrators, CIOs, CISOs, Information Security Officers, Security Administrators, and Security Researchers of all types. Most importantly, We are The Common Citizens. We are the citizens who built the Internet, and the Internet of Things(IoT), as we know it today. That is why, We are experts in cyber defense!

But, We did not all get there by ourselves. We all had to learn somewhere. Therefore I would like to introduce you citizens too;


Join over 1.2 million professionals already learning on Cybrary. Begin a new career, develop a new skill, prepare for a certification, earn CEUs/CPEs, connect with companies, share your knowledge, and more. Welcome to the future of online learning.

"We believe anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity to develop their career through the production and consumption of high quality training."
- Ralph P. Sita Jr., CPA, CEO/Co-Founder of Cybrary

Our Revolution
We believe Cyber Security training should be free, for everyone, FOREVER. Everyone, everywhere, deserves the OPPORTUNITY to learn, begin and grow a career in this fascinating field. Therefore, Cybrary is a free community where people, companies and training come together to give everyone the ability to collaborate in an open source way that is revolutionizing the cyber security educational experience.

Take unlimited free training
Discover the possibilities. Learn anytime, anywhere with open-source, high quality training from subject matter experts, industry professionals, and thought-leading companies.

Free is good. Share these with your friends – they’ll appreciate you more. A quick reminder: These guides should be used to supplement your learning experiences on Cybrary. They’re not designed to replace your textbooks.(Which are provided to you free online while you take your course. How awesome is that!) They should be used in addition to your textbooks. Hence, the term “guides.” Enjoy!

CompTIA A+ (801), Project Management Professional, CompTIA Network+, Cisco CCNA, CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, CompTIA CASP, ISACA CISA, CISSP (Click the link provided below for access)

Use the world's best learning tools
Cybrary provides you premium access to innovative, experiential learning and skill assessment technology. Over 300 tools are available for purchase in the catalog via the Cybrary Vendor network.

Consistent, structured hands-on learning
Cybrary offers the largest catalog of cyber security learning content. Learn more about
how Cybrary Teams provides the most complete learning and assessment tool, below:
Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments
With over 300 challenges across 30 skill domains individuals must demonstrate their cyber security, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Use these to interview, onboard, or keep your team's skills sharp. The Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments create a fun, unique way to develop your team's security skills.
Custom Training for Every Employee
Build and assign a personalized learning path that meets the needs of each of your employees. Develop a pipeline to grow your team's skills and prepares them to better run and protect your organization. Provide unlimited access to the largest catalog of cyber security training.
Certification-based Labs
Cybrary offers the industry's most advanced virtual lab environment preparing your employees to receive Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, and CompTIA certifications. Provide unlimited access to over 100 certification-based hands-on labs

Connect with the industry's most progressive companies
Welcome to the future of online learning. The Cybrary platform is an ecosystem, which brings together the learner and the employer. This partnership allows the individual to develop a deep understanding of a company, their services or products, and build the skills needed to advance their career.

Top Fortune 100 and Fortune 500
companies choose Cybrary, over other high-priced training vendors, to develop their team's skills and get certification-ready.

UPDATE: Cybrary has partnered with the Military Cyber Professional Association (MCPA) to provide cyber security training through the Cybrary Teams learning and assessment platform.

Use Cybrary at work
Cybrary for Business is the learning and assessment tool of choice for cyber security and IT teams at today’s top companies and government organizations, worldwide. Advance your team’s skills, assess new hires, provide cost effective certification readiness programs and more. Cybrary for Business is the platform for your enterprise.

Yo' John my friend, and my fellow citizens, I hope this was helpful for you.


Please Join For FREE, and Learn All The Details Here: https://www.cybra...

Thank You For Your Time, Citizens. I hope that you have a great and cyber-secure day!

Thank You Citizen,
The Administration
Your Budtender??

You Puff??
Yo' Citizen,

Do Human Beings breathe oxygen?

Do Bears take dumps in the woods?

Does the sky look blue, on a clear day?

Of Course I do!! LMFAO!

That's exactly why the feds will not hire me! Lol.

God Made Pot!

Man Made Everything Else.

Who do you trust?
Yo' John,

Thanks for going the extra mile for me today, with finding me some more of that "Underdog"!
That bud is pretty dank!!

I just love "Sunday is Fun day"!

Thank you,
Brooklyn Grin
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