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02-12-2017 12:08
Yo' Citizens, How you doing today. Todays Lesson plans & post will consist of, How to give spammers a taste of their own medicine! Cool

20-10-2017 11:38
Yo' Citizens, As per your request. A new forum section, 'Suspicious IP Addresses' will be completed today! Cool

20-10-2017 11:30
Yo' Good Morning Citizens. I hope that you are all having a great and cyber-secure day! Grin

09-10-2017 11:10
Yo' Good Morning Citizens! Wink I hope that you had a cyber-secure weekend! Grin

03-10-2017 10:44
Yo' Citizens, good morning. I have some pretty serious vulnerabilities to share with you, today. I will have them up shortly! Cool

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Which Discovery or Reconnaissance Tool give you the best results?
Which Discovery or Reconnaissance Tool give you the best results?
The tool I choose, really depends on if I am doing a passive scan or an active one, and who or what I am scanning for.
Yo' Citizen,

Sorry for the delay in my response. Obviously you were looking for a names of a few tools.

For passive scanning some of the tools I like to use, but not all I use are, Maltego, Recon-ng, and Sparta.

For active scanning, OWASP-ZAP, Nmap, Nikto2, and Webscarab.

Just to name a few... Lol
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