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Sophisticated ‘MoneyTaker’ group stole millions from Russian & US banks - Via - HackRead
Yo' Greetings Citizens,

Sophisticated ‘MoneyTaker’ group stole millions from Russian & US banks - Via - HackRead

The IT security researchers at Moscow based cybercrime prevention firm Group-IB has identified the presence of a dangerous and sophisticated group of cybercriminals that has so far stolen more than $10 million from banking and financial sectors.

Dubbed MoneyTaker by researchers, the group has in last 18 months conducted 20 successful attacks in Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. The group targeted card processing systems like AWS CBR (Russian Interbank System) and purportedly SWIFT (SWIFT international bank messaging service in the United States.

On average, MoneyTaker stole a whopping $3 million from three Russian financial institutions while a sum of $500,000 was stolen from banks in the United States. But, the group is not limiting itself to money or banking sector, in fact, MoneyTaker also targeted financial software vendors and law firms.

“Criminals stole documentation for OceanSystems’ FedLink card processing system, which is used by 200 banks in Latin America and the US,” says the report compiled by Group-IB.

Researchers confirmed that MoneyTaker targeted 20 companies with 1 in the UK, 3 in Russia and 16 in the US. All those attacks went unreported and undetected since the group used publically available tools for the operations...++...

Please Read The Full Story here: https://www.hackr...-us-banks/

Thank You For Your Time, Citizens. I hope that you have a great and cyber-secure day!

Thank You Citizen,
The Administration
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