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02-12-2017 12:08
Yo' Citizens, How you doing today. Todays Lesson plans & post will consist of, How to give spammers a taste of their own medicine! Cool

20-10-2017 11:38
Yo' Citizens, As per your request. A new forum section, 'Suspicious IP Addresses' will be completed today! Cool

20-10-2017 11:30
Yo' Good Morning Citizens. I hope that you are all having a great and cyber-secure day! Grin

09-10-2017 11:10
Yo' Good Morning Citizens! Wink I hope that you had a cyber-secure weekend! Grin

03-10-2017 10:44
Yo' Citizens, good morning. I have some pretty serious vulnerabilities to share with you, today. I will have them up shortly! Cool

Welcome Citizens

Welcome to, Citizens First Cyber Security Professionals.

The Individual Citizen Specific, Cyber Security Investigative Services Firm. Cyber Security Web Forum and Educational Cyber Security Dojo.

Geared strictly to helping Individual Citizens and Small Businesses! Address unwanted cyber security intrusions and hacking incidents!

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Category: Bugs
Number of Items: 7
-> Subtitle Hack Leaves 200 Million Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution - Via - ThreatPost
-> Beware; 36 Android Devices Shipped with Preinstalled Malware! - Via - HACKREAD
-> Cross Site Scripting - XSS Cheat Sheet *REPOST!
-> 15 vulnerabilities in SAP. *REPOST
-> Cross Site Scripting XSS Cheat Sheet by Sikic
-> 15 Vulnerabilities in SAP

Category: Downloads
Number of Items: 2
-> Free Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 74-409
-> Prepare yourself against Cyber Ransomware Attacks

Category: Games
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Graphics
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Hardware
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Journal
Number of Items: 2
-> Supreme Court Rejects Expansion of Government-Speech Doctrine In Tam Case - Via - EFF
-> Yo' Citizens, Happy St Patty's Day

Category: Members
Number of Items: 5
-> If You Use Facebook Messenger, This Is How You Are Being Recorded Even When Not On The Phone - Via - AlternativeNewsNetwork
-> Canadian province to give every citizen $1,320 income
-> Citizen Memberships Currently Updating For Major Discount
-> Vault 7, Why its Important!!
-> Welcome to Citizens First Cyber Security Professionals!

Category: Mods
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Movies
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Network
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: News
Number of Items: 17
-> State Net Neutrality Laws? Not If ISPs Have a Say - Via - ThreatWire
-> Yo' Greetings Citizens, Another Ethereum ICO Veritaseum Hacked And $8.4 Million Stolen - Via - HackersOnlineClub
-> FREE WannaCry Ransomware Decryption Tools Now Available - Via - HackersOnlineClub
-> WannaCry Ransomware Infects the World - Threat Wire
-> Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure - Via -
-> To VPN or Not To VPN? Threat Wire.
-> Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe
-> Billionaire banker David Rockefeller dies aged 101
-> JULIAN ASSANGE has published the CIA's Hacking Toolkits called the 'WEEPING ANGEL'
-> DoJ Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor. *REPOST!

Category: PHP-Fusion
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Security
Number of Items: 29
-> Bad Rabbit Spreads, Docs about the Queen - ThreatWire
-> Google Security Gets Serious, New IoT Botnet On The Loose - ThreatWire
-> ’When you go online, you give up your privacy’ ‒ Lionel on Microsoft data collection - Via - RT
-> WPA2 Wi-Fi Vulnerable to KRACK Hack; RSA Keys Broken - ThreatWire
-> Hackers Hid Backdoor In CCleaner Security App With 2 Billion Downloads -- 2.3 Million Infected - Via - Forbes
-> Flaws in ISP gateways let attackers remotely tap internet traffic - Via - HackRead
-> A massive trove of highly critical data of Swedish citizens leaked online - Via - HACKREAD
-> ESET detects Industroyer, biggest threat to industrial control systems since Stuxnet - Via - APTANTECH
-> Fireball malware infects millions - Via - Threat Wire
-> Newly Found Malware Uses 7 NSA Hacking Tools, Where WannaCry Uses 2 - Via - TheHackerNews

Category: Software
Number of Items: 2
-> Attention: RHN Hosted will reach the end of its service life on July 31, 2017. - Via - REDHAT
-> NASA Has Just Released Tons Of Free And Open Source Software, Here’s How To Get Them

Category: Themes
Number of Items: 0
-> There are no news items in this category.

Category: Windows
Number of Items: 5
-> Windows Defender No Help Against 'Illusion Gap' Bypassed Easily - Via CyberArk
-> Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Collects From Your PC - Via - THN
-> Windows 10: DoubleAgent zero-day hijacks Microsoft tool to turn antivirus into malware - Via - ZDNet
-> Hacker Cracks Windows Account In Less Than 1 Min, Doesn’t Know If It’s A Bug Or Feature - VIA - FOSSBYTES
-> Free Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 74-409 - Via - Veeam
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